God Kisses

• Libby Zeigler • February 16, 2021 •

This morning, I was reminded of the speech flight attendants give at the beginning of a flight. . . you know, the whole “here’s where the exits are, there are lights lining the aisle ways, your seat can be used as a flotation device” schpeel. . .
The part that was highlighted to me, as I was praying for my family, dear friends, etc. was the “If, for any reason, we lose cabin pressure, an oxygen mask will drop from the ceiling. It’s important that you place your oxygen mask on before trying to help others with theirs. . . ” In essence “You won’t be able to assist anyone else if you’ve lost consciousness”.
I know it may seem weird but, in that, I feel like God was nudging me to get back in His presence. I haven’t been spending as much time with Him as I usually do lately. . . just busy with work, life, binge watching Netflix. . . and I am feeling it. Listening to worship music and spending time in quiet reflection of God’s awesomeness really keeps me in a place where I am full of joy – not weighed down by the “hard stuff” of this life.
I’ve been praying for my peeps, chewing over and thinking through some weighty situations and processing the grief of Dad’s transition to Heaven (which has KICKED my hiney waaaaay more than I thought it would. . . good thing I know I get to see that twinkle in his beautiful blue eyes again!) ANYWAY. . . I’ve been so preoccupied with all that junk that I haven’t rested in God’s presence like I usually do, and this morning, I felt Him reminding me of the importance of that. . . for my own good.
 I turned on some worship music (Communion by Maverick City Worship. . . YOWZA!!!), and as I started my coffee maker, I noticed the little dancing flowers in my kitchen window from Daddy. If they are in the sun, they dance. If they are not facing the sun, they are still. . . it was a “God nudge/wink” moment, reaffirming to me that as I spend time with the SON, basking in His presence, my “dance” will come back.
But wait. . . there’s more. . . 😉
I have a brown bowl that I throw all my jewelry into at the end of the day as I sit here in my orange recliner and chill. A couple of times this week, I reached into the brown bowl to get some earrings and a necklace to wear to work. Both times, I walked away frustrated and grumpy because all the jewelry had gotten tangled up into a big mess of knots. I spent a few minutes each morning, trying to get the mess untangled, but wasn’t successful. This morning, I walked past the table where I’d put the knotted mess and noticed that all the necklaces were separated and lined up in a row. . . the earrings and bracelets were untangled as well. I can only assume that my sweet friend Mary did that for me yesterday when she was here. . . but it was another “God moment”, reminding me that HE can take the ugliest, knotted, tangled up messes in our lives and straighten things out beautifully, if we allow Him to.
I’m so thankful for those sweet reminders from God this morning. . . He’s so good!!! Thanks for allowing me to ramble about cool God kisses. . . ❤