• Katelyn Dodge • November 17, 2020 •

As I was preparing to write this blog and trying to decide what I wanted to write about, my husband said “I want to challenge you to not write about our son.” This comment made me stop and think. Being a mom is so much a part of my identity now. It is hard for me to remember how it felt before being a mom. I have difficulty having conversations without mentioning my son (and apparently I can’t write a blog without mentioning him either…just continuing to prove my husband’s point). We all have multiple facets to our identity: family relationships, profession, friendships, hobbies, etc. I am a mom, daughter, sister, social worker, friend, church member, person who crochets, the list goes on and on. I am also a child of God. Identity is everything. The titles and roles we identify with shape how we experience the world. Identifying as a believer in Christ effects all of our other points of identity.

“I will be a true Father to you, and you will be my beloved sons and daughters,” says the Lord Yahweh Almighty.” 2 Corinthians 6:18 (TPT)

God’s identity is rooted in the fact that He is our Father. Everything He does is done with us in mind. It is amazing to me that out of all the possibilities God could have created, He chose to create humans and pursue relationship with us relentlessly. God is the perfect Father; He is good, loving, kind. In His care for us, He also provides us with correction and discipline. He wants the very best for us. In this season of uncertainty, it is easy to feel distanced from the Lord and church, but distance is not part of God’s identity. He is in you and with you. He made the most incredible sacrifice by allowing his Son to die on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins. He has literally created heaven and earth for us. These truths show us his identity as the ultimate Father.

In this season of uncertainty, it is easy to feel distanced from the Lord and the church, but distance is not part of God’s identity.

“For all who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God.” Romans 8:14 (NLT)

Just as God’s identity is wrapped in being our Father, our identity is found in being His children. When we identify as a child of God, we are a representative of His kingdom. Being from Brown County, when I meet other people from this area I often introduce myself as Kim and JP’s daughter, Lois and Bob’s granddaughter, Jim and Rosemary’s granddaughter, etc. By sharing who I’m related to, people make connections and might feel a certain level of familiarity with me based on my family. When we identify as a child of God, we should be reflecting the things that he has instilled in us. Our reflection of Christ gets stronger over time as we spend time in prayer, studying the Word, building community with other believers, etc.

I encourage you to think about your identity in Christ. Take the time to go through the Word and read what He says about you. He has such affection for us. Consider how you connect to your identity in Christ in your daily life, and how you can radiate His love more each day.