Children's Ministry Volunteers

Children’s Ministry plays a vital role in our church family. It allows parents time to focus on worship and teaching and allows kids to experience the love of Jesus as they play and learn together.

At Encounter Life Ministries, we want to provide a safe environment during the whole service for our kids who are not yet school age. This is birth through Pre-K. These kids need to be rocked, cuddled, played with, and read to. This gives us an opportunity to show the love of Jesus to both the kids who are cared for and their parents who get to dive deep into worship without distraction. We divide the serving opportunities for this age group into two sessions so no one has to miss the whole service or feel overwhelmed.

Our school age kids, kindergarten through 4th grade, need a place of their own at church too. We want to give them the opportunity to move and talk and learn. We want church to be a place they are excited to be a part of. They stay in service with their family until dismissed after worship.This allows them to see examples of men, women, and older kids diving into fellowship with God during worship and revering the sacrament of communion. We divide the serving opportunities for this age group into two sessions. The first is set aside specifically for play and movement. This allows them a chance to get the wiggles out that may have built up during service. The second is a time of teaching which may include reading, discussion, crafts, or games.

Our kids 5th – 12th grade join us for the entire weekend service. We want them to be a part of worshiping and learning with the congregation. They have Youth Ministry service on Wednesday nights from 6:30 – 8:00 PM.